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IMG_0644Are you interested in a locally-sourced grocery store?!  One that not only sources from your local farms and producers, but also is a place where you can fulfill your whole shopping list. We are working to create a grocery store in the town of Maynard following the cooperative business model.  This means that our store will be owned by those in the community, and will offer up programs for the community, and keep money in the local economy.  There are many reasons to join a food co-op – access to fresh food, ability to shop in bulk, having your voice matter – and we invite you to check out more about why we are working to open the areas only store-front food cooperative.  Find out more by checking out our menu of options above, or scroll down to read some of our most recent posts.

Possible outcomes of a food cooperative on the metro west area.

Milestone Reached: 500 Owners!

11212739_585150114961050_8275300620273137642_oThanks to all who came out Sat night to celebrate in person, or who took some time where ever you were to say WooHoo!

We are now 500+ from 28 towns in the area and are moving along our developmental plan towards creating a grocery store that will source local, provide a place to complete your entire shopping order, take a class, meet with friends, and more…the list goes on and on.

We can start a Co-op…Together!

Thank you to Serendipity Cafe (1 Nason St, Maynard) for allowing us to meet up there and enjoy the amazing music of Seth Wonkka & Friends.  If you’ve never had the pleasure of listening to his music, you should – it is lovely.

500-viewsIf you couldn’t meet tonight, tell your friends about us or send them to an upcoming event to find out more. And of course, let’s put social media to work for us and share your joy at reaching this milestone and being an Owner in the Co-op!  Word of mouth is our strongest resource.  Let’s open the doors to the areas ONLY store-front grocery store that sources local and is owned by and invested in the community!  Go Co-op!

Reflections from a Beginner Square Foot Gardener

(Or, how I lucked out in keeping the bunnies away)1801228_10153120292492928_7485227244277418827_o

In the 10 years or so since I’ve had a place of my own to garden, but I haven’t been very successful. Over the years I’ve tried
tomatoes, pepper, pumpkins, even eggplant which people said you can’t seem to kill.  I killed it.  One year I planted some peppers from the nursery, I even had a tiny little hint of a pepper forming – in this case one of my resident (evil) hedge bunnies took it out at it’s knees.  My pepper never had a chance.  And despite the lack of success, I even tried an artichoke last year, seeing as they are my favorite vegetable ever.  But I think you can guess what happened.

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Co-op Month and Co-op Cornucopia Wrap-Up

12028627_647520192057375_6456611991683687656_oSeptember 17th kicked off our Co-op Cornucopia membership drive.  We fell a little short of our goal of reaching 500 owners, but we were excited by the new Owners we received (welcome!), and incredibly thankful to our current Owners who referred them to our community.  Dawn Olcott (Owner #10) was the winner of our Co-op Cornucopia drawing for a full winter CSA share from First Root Farm in Concord. We were excited to have the drawing for this contest held at our Second Annual Meeting on Oct 17th (which also was the end of our Co-op Cornucopia membership drive).  We also want to remind our current Owners that a benefit of ownership in the Co-op is a reduced rate on these winter CSAs – read more about this here.

The month of October was Co-op Month and we had many, many things occur.  All of them awesome! Let’s review: Continue reading

Happy Co-op Month

October is co-op month – let us celebrate what makes cooperatives so great!

Build a Better World Co-op Month Poster -pictureThe theme of this year’s co-op month is “Building a Better World with Businesses You Trust.” This message is a reminder of the many ways that co-ops enable people to work together to build businesses that are rooted in, and accountable to, their communities. Co-ops are businesses that are for community profit and they exist in all sectors of the economy. Co-ops are created by the people of the community, to meet the needs of the community.  They stay with a community through rough times and good times because co-ops are made up of people from the community.  You can join our community and help bring a locally-sourced, community-minded, store-front, grocery store to our area of Massachusetts! Continue reading


Owners we have a fun challenge for you – let’s make our Co-op more abundant!  We want to see how many new Owners we can get in one month by having our current Owners go out and talk with those they know.

cornucopia-fruitDo you have friends who are on the fence about the Co-op? Talk with them about why, or bring them with you to one of our

Do you have a colleague who has never heard about the Co-op? Send them our webpage and Facebook links (Twitter too) and point out an interesting page or blog you read that might be of interest to them (we have a whole series of blogs you can look through).

With over 450 Owners from 25 different towns we have an exuberant community of people who can grow our cooperative by having conversations with those you know.  It just takes one conversation –  share why you joined and think a food cooperative in the Metrowest/Assabet Valley region is a great idea. Continue reading

Hi Neighbor! Membership Campaign Wrap-Up

CoopLogoEyesOur “Hi Neighbor!” membership campaign ran through the end of August and was fun and successful!  The Food Co-op attended several backyard BBQs, Farmers’ Markets, held our summer potluck, went on a tour of food co-ops in western MA, and more! The campaign resulted in 70 new Owners joining our community, and some new volunteers joining our ranks helping to move our initiative forward.

Fun was had by all, and our Ownership base grew! Yay!  Thank you to all who helped this happen! Continue reading

Talk with us…

At one of our upcoming events!

AVFCO Flyer General 2015-0430 (1)The Assabet Village Food Cooperative will be busy this weekend, and all weekends through until Maynard Fest (Oct 3rd).  This means you have MANY opportunities to come learn more about us, our classes, and ways that you can help.

We will be tabling in Sudbury, Maynard and Lincoln – all on Saturday Sept 12th!  Here is where you can find us:

Click here or on our events tab if you want to see all of our upcoming events.

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Board Elections – learn all about it!

Who wants a Co-op? – We Do!

On Thursday, September 10th at 7pm the Board of Directors will be hosting a Q&A session at 54 Main St, Suite 205, in Maynard.  This is an opportunity for people (owners and non-owners) to come:11219478_1603229816590618_9103847084633229231_o

  • learn more about the people running for the 9 seats on the Board of Directors
  • ask questions – about the Co-op, our market study, next steps, upcoming events
  • find out how you can help move the initiative forward
  • learn more about how a store-front food cooperative might look in our area.

We would love to have you.  Spread the word, bring a friend.

We currently sit at 446 Owners from 24 different towns.  We are very happy with our reach, but we still have about 400 more Owners to go, and there is a lot of steps to work through.  Together we will get there, and how quickly is determined by how many people we have directly involved.  Find out more about how you can help, and come to the Q&A on Thursday to share your thoughts and ask your questions.

Meet the candidates.  Ask questions. Contribute time or money.  Let’s get the doors to our store open!  See you Thursday!

-AVFCO Board